What Jack LaLanne said to the Massage Community!


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When I was a child, my mother would work out in front of the family television with Jack La Lanne every day. So when I tell you Jack’s lessons of life have been part of my family chemistry, it would not be an exaggeration. Jack taught consistency in daily fundamentals, which he said fostered excellence in body, mind, and spirit. Notice what he says in the above autographed picture, “Keep up your workouts always.”  Jack believed a strong foundation, one built on the bed rock of sweat equity, could tackle the adversities of life and he proved it over and over again! So how do we live up to the Godfather of Fitness’ message?

Make believe you are an alternate for the Olympic team or the under-study in a great Broadway performance. You never know if or when you’re going to be called up, so you have to keep yourself in peak condition, just in case. So by attempting to step up your game and give it your all at all times, you are ready for whatever comes you way. Hilda Charlton, the beloved meditation master consistently repeated the Old Testament phrase, “God spews out of his mouth the lukewarm.” She scolded her students for being wishy-washy and wrote an amazing book titled Hellbent for Heaven.

Some of us think they are spiritual if they go to church regularly or if they know their past lives, or can quote passages from the Bhagavad-Gita. While these may all be good things to do, the most challenging of spiritual paths, the hardest yoga around, is to live the simple daily basics. I’m not talking about just being kind or generous; I’m talking about down to earth basics, your “daily conditioning,” like really eating well and chewing, meditating daily, keeping your body strong and especially flexible with your exercise and massage, to consistently take your vitamins (the modern day fountain of youth), and to really serve and love people unconditionally from your heart. These simple basics of life will give you a foundation built on bedrock!

So the way to tackle life’s challenges is to keep up with your conditioning always.
When you need to reboot your life…,
When you need to fulfill your life’s destiny…,
When times get beyond tough, or when you need to find your direction…,
And simply, when you really need to come up with it,
Go back to your conditioning!
This is what Jack lived and this is what Jack taught.

And we at the North Jersey Massage Training Center want to be part of your excellence. The extraordinary teachers that share their sincerity and expertise for our continuing education program have all…each and everyone, like you, devoted their lives to doing healing work and service in the massage tradition. Their commitment to making a better world, with integrity, not for fame, not for money, not to be called by some bullshit spiritual name but because it’s right and just and good!

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