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The Basic Longevity Package

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The products offered on this site are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. Statements made on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Benefits of certain ingredients along with medical information changes rapidly, therefore, some information may not be up to date. Furthermore, the information contained on this site does not cover all possible benefits, uses, side effects or interaction of these products with others.


Our Fountain of Youth: amazing products to keep you young, vibrant, and healthy, and to literally improve the quality of your life.

"Colleagues often ask me how I have been able to last so long in such a grueling profession as massage therapy, particularly after performing nearly 60,000 deep tissue massages over a forty year period.  My secret has always been a complex carb plant based diet and these great, handpicked supplements!" Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

I have spent many years studying nutrition and health. For a long time Iíve wanted to share some of the extraordinary products that my family and friends have cherished and enjoyed. The companies and products we have chosen stand out as exceptional. Since these products are so difficult to find, particularly all in one place, we found our niche and decided to offer them to you, our friends, our customers, our family. What was difficult we now make easy.

Why vitamins, why these specialty items? I believe these products represent a new fountain of youth. According to the Harvard Nurses Study, the simple addition of a multi-vitamin can add 3-5 years to your life. Essential fatty acids lubricate your joints and anti-oxidants slow down the aging process, sometimes dramatically, all the while giving you significant protection from the blue meanies in our food and environment. In my opinion, the products we sell, and that my family and friends all take, will profoundly influence lives and longevity.

Letís be frank: aging stinks. Just yesterday you were a kid, and tomorrow youíll be a senior citizen. It goes that fast, right?

So, are a few years or more of quality life worth the extra dollars, the extra time and the extra effort? We definitely think so, particularly if itís care-free, healthy living! In school my favorite professor of nutrition was Olympic team biochemist and longevity expert, Dr. Hans Kugler. Dr. Kugler purchased what looked like an old horse, just about ready for the proverbial glue factory. He decided to show us, his students, the power of vitamin supplementation. So, Dr. K. started his new pet on a very sophisticated vitamin regimen, and during the course of the school year, week by week, we got to see results of his horseís progress. After the year was up we were looking at Secretariat. It was profound and quite unbelievable. Dr. K would just smile, and would end his lectures with, ďand remember to take your vitamins.Ē

I have researched everything for you but if you have a need to know like I usually do:
* Donít believe anything I say or write about.
* Read about each product.
* Google it.
* Read the clinical literature and references.
* Talk with your health professional.
* Make an informed decision.
* Take decisive action!

We can get you started with a one-time purchase, or for convenience, we can bill your credit card and ship monthly. Either way, we will go out of our way to make it easy for you. These are natural products, so donít expect changes in a few weeks. It takes more like 3-6 months. Most of the clinical studies with vitamins are based on a year, but when it all starts kicking in you might have something really special to hold on to: your youth.

The Basic Longevity Package
To see a supplementís ingredients, click its picture. (D-light-fullís only ingredients are on its front label.)


This package embodies what I consider to be a really good, comprehensive start to your daily supplement program. It contains a really fine, high antioxidant, multi vitamin/mineral supplement; vitamin D3; another amazing anti-oxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid; and a great essential fatty acid formula, the Total EFA. By the way, buying by the package saves you money in the long run and will make you one with everything. One stop shopping, one delivery charge, dealing with one company, etc.

Alpha Lipoic Acid/Acetyl L-Carnitine: According to research, Alpha Lipoic Acid helps neutralize free radicals in both the fat-soluble and water-soluble parts of a cell, and it helps recycle other antioxidants including Vitamin C and another very important antioxidant known as Glutathione. It is considered a highly prized antioxidant in and of itself and is often recommended for cognitive decline, liver detox and cleansing, the regeneration of brain cells and as a potent weapon in anti- aging circles. When combined with the simple amino acid used for energy, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, it takes on an even more powerful role in anti-aging and is used in everything from depression and age-related decline to neuropathy, fibromyalgia and ED. Read about it here from the University of Michigan.

D-light-ful, Vitamin D3 with K2 (MK7): A potent anti-inflammatory, vitamin D is all the rage now, and the research is coming from major facilities like the Mayo Clinic. This formula provides 5000 IUs of the good stuff. Taking into account that our multivitamin also has D3, I take one D-Light-ful per day. If you are out in the sun daily, you probably donít need to take as much. During winter you might need more. It really, really depends on what your blood test says. Click here to see what New York Times best-selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola says about Vitamin D.

Vitamin K2 (MK7) is used by many Integrative physicians as a natural anti-inflammatory. Research suggests itís use for fibromyalgia, for strengthening the skeletal structure as in osteoporosis and for slowing down cardiovascular aging. Read about it here.

Multi FS: This high antioxidant multivitamin from Hollywood Health is only available to physicians, and its terrific formulations for men and women are light years ahead of much more expensive multivitamins on the market.

The Total EFA: This essential fatty acid formula includes flax oil for your cardiovascular system and to keep your skin, hair, and insides beautifully lubricated, and GLA from rich borage and evening primrose oils which lubricates the joint capsules of the body and is used by integrative physicians to regulate metabolism as well as the hormonal system, meaning it helps with PMS, menopause, hot flashes, etc. I take three of these per day.

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